How Our Courses Work

When you choose our courses over other options, you receive easy-to-follow materials in a user friendly interface, allowing you to study and certify on your own terms.

STEP 1 – Enroll

Complete our secure checkout and receive instant access to all course materials.

STEP 2 – Study

After enrollment, you're granted instant access to our curriculum. All materials are available online and provide comprehensive education on everything you'll need to know not just to pass our exams, but to correctly apply what you learn in a professional setting.

Of course, you can study as much or as little as you feel necessary. The best part about all of our ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification courses is that they give you the power to control your learning experience. This means taking everything at your own pace and when it's most convenient for you.

STEP 3 – Test

Here is where you focus on applying what you've learned and passing the examination.

STEP 4 – Pass

On any of our examinations, you must score 80% or above to pass. However, there's no need to worry if you aren't able to pass the first time.

You'll receive unlimited examination attempts until you're able to pass. And, should you fail, you'll also receive detailed feedback regarding what you've gotten correct and incorrect.

This will help you study and better prepare for your next attempt, making it more likely that you'll succeed.

STEP 5 – Certity

After you pass, you'll have immediate access to your temporary, digital certification card until you receive your hard copy in the mail a few days later.

We look forward to delivering a unique experience that only our company can, all while giving you an accessible and convenient format that puts you in control of your certification.

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